Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Free HDRIs!

Everything has limits, and the technical evolution of photography during the past 150 years has largely been about overcoming the craft's limitations. Dynamic range though is one of the limitations that hasn't yielded much over the years to technology's inexorable advances.

But, that's about to change with the introduction of the Merge to HDR function in Photoshop CS2, which became available in mid-April, 2005.
A caveat before proceeding, so as to forestall the usual deluge of e-mails that follows any first-look that appears here, and that some readers don't feel answers all of their questions or addresses their particular concerns.

This is not intended to be either a comprehensive how-to, or a complete technical treatise on the subject of HDR, or Adobe's implementation in Photoshop CS2. Rather, and since I've been involved in the CS2 beta program and therefore have some experience with using the product – I thought that there would be photographers (especially landscape photographers) who would find an initial look at this exciting new capability to be of interest.


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