Friday, June 30, 2006

Vue 6 Infinite Preview

Vue 6 marks e-on's continued commitment to providing cutting-edge 3D environment solutions. It will provide more power, improved workflow and increased productivity.

Vue 6 is based on an entirely redesigned internal architecture, and will provide enhanced functionality in all aspects of the program. From animation and rendering through atmospheres and clouds to EcoSystems Generation II.

Vue 6 will be unveiled at this year’s Siggraph in Boston. Stay tuned for more information and details soon.

The entire Vue 6 product line (xStream, Infinite, Pro Studio, Esprit and Easel) will be released later this year.

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII screens

New screens have found their way on to the internet via IT Media for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Those in Japan have had the honor of seeing them in the latest Famitsu magazine.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be the third installment in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series and the game is being developed by the same people behind Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

The Yellow House- Part III

The Final part of Huseyin Karaasian's making of 'The Yellow House' using 3dsmax and the Total Textures.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

RealFlow4 released!

RealFlow4 for Windows and Linux released.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Yellow House- Part II

Part 2 of the 3dsmax Total Texture Project Overview by Huseyin Karaaslan on making 'The Yellow House'

Spider Man 3 Trailer

Spider Man 3 Trailer

Interview with George Hull

George Hull is one of the four concept artists brought
together to author Ballistic Publishing’s d’artiste:
Concept Art. Now available to order directly from
Ballistic Publishing, d'artiste: Concept Art
presents the techniques of leading concept artists Viktor Antonov, George Hull, Andrew Jones and Nicolas “Sparth” Bouvier.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Yellow House

New 3dsmax Total Texture Project Overview by Huseyin Karaaslan on making 'The Yellow House - part 1'

Monday, June 26, 2006

Tutorials: MG-42 Video Tutorial

After a long pause we bring you the first part of jelmer's MG-42 video tutorial, the winner of our Tutorial Contest. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Interview: John Mariella

We are pleased to present our latest interview in the VFX master series with John Mariella, CG supervisor on Disney’s, “The Wild.” We got to sit down with C.O.R.E and talk about this pioneering milestone in animation and how it was all made possible. With up to 130 CG animals you can bet he had a lot he wanted to tell you about…

Friday, June 23, 2006

Adobe After Effects Tutorial

One of the most fun and useful things in Adobe After Effects, is linking the motion of your project components with music. In this tutorial from Talid Al Khatib, we’ll create a “volume meter” that responds to your music.

Maya Animation: Walk Cycle

Create convincing walk cycles and easily learn time-saving animation techniques in Maya. Contains over 2.5 hours of project-based training. Perfect for beginner to intermediate users.

Tutorial: Creature Detail

New General Organic tutorial by Ziv Qual on creating creature detail.

44 Video Tutorials for Fusion 5

44 Video Tutorails for Fusion 5. Take a look

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Strata Live 3d

Strata Live 3D works with 3D modeling applications such as Strata 3D CX, Strata Foto 3D, 3D Studio Max, Maya, and more. You can also use pre-made models from commercial model collections such as Regardless of where you get your 3D content from, Strata Live 3D will add interactivity to your projects and new options for your clients.

Barnyard - New Trailer

Check out the new trailer of Barnyard, the animated feature created by Omation Studios all in XSI. Coming to theatres August 4th.

The Making of Marvin

New 3dsmax making of by Ajdin Barucija on creating 'Marvin'

New York Times, Games Publishers

The New York Times looks into the declining stock prices of major video game publishers: Activision, EA, Take-Two and THQ.

New CGArena Challenge: Love

CGArena is proud to present “Love” Challenge (3D Challenge), 22 June - 21 July 2006, sponsored by Vertus, Duber Studio, Realviz, Corel and Daz3d. We want different ideas and approaches in a more creative way.

The 25 Most Controversial Movies Ever

The 25 Most Controversial Movies Ever

Ezine June Issue Released

CGArena released fifth issue of PDF magazine with full of information, tutorials and prizes

Shake 4.1

Apple® today delivered Shake® 4.1, the first Universal version of its industry leading compositing software and cut its price from $2,999 to $499 to fit almost any production’s budget.

Monday, June 19, 2006

XSI Foundation 5.11 Available For Download

Softimage releases the Foundation edition of XSI version 5.11.

Voice-O-Matic 2

Voice-O-Matic is an easy-to-use but powerful plug-in that automates the process of lip synchronization for your animated characters directly inside of 3ds max. Simply feed a recorded audio file to Voice-O-Matic, and its powerful algorithms will automatically generate timing and lip position data for your characters.

Art of Rigging vol 3 released

June 18th, 2006 - CG Toolkit© has announced the release of the third book in its critically acclaimed rigging training series. The Art of Rigging Volume III explores advanced character rigging effects like fur, cloth, hair and facial motion capture. Whereas The Art of Rigging Volumes I and II concentrated on rigging for animation, the third volume was designed to explore some of Maya's more advanced modules. The majority of the book concentrates on the processes used to add advanced fur/hair and cloth effects to an animated character. All of the concepts are presented in the context of a real world example which provides a fresh and fun learning experience. Readers are guided through interesting examples as they learn how to harness Maya's powerful toolset.

Maxwell Render Demo-

We would like to inform you that the demo version of Maxwell 1.0 has been published. It is availale only from official resellers.

3dsmax6 Bible - Download eBook

About This Book -- Let me paint a picture of the writing process. It starts with years of experience, which is followed by months of painstaking research.

Friday, June 16, 2006

New LCD Technology Outperforms CRT

LCD panels have traditionally been lagging behind CRT monitors in terms of color response, saturation, accuracy and overall black-level response. Because LCDs are "always lit" by a backlight, deep dark blacks have been the Achilles heel of LCD technology. However, a company named eCinema Systems has announced a new LCD technology that it claims surpasses CRT in virtually every respect.

Honda commercial

New Honda commercial in the UK. Very important that you understand: There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in the film.

LightWave v9: Demo Videos

Three new Lightwave videos.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Interview with the team behind ''Heavy Rain"

The secret behind one of best E3's PS3 surprises! "In this interview"

Evermotion Archmodels versions 25, 26

Have you ever lost your race with time doing visualizations? Have you ever been embarrassed of unfinished renders, spending all night on the modeling process, instead of rendering? If you are an architect, and if you need to work fast but with highest pecision, this is the thing for you. Archmodels volume 26 gives you more than 100 professional, highly detailed objects for architectural visualizations. This collection come with original house furniture. Why waste costly time for making something that you can have from the best at Evermotion?

MentalRay 3.5 Features

New features of Mental Ray

Monday, June 12, 2006

Interview with Steven Stahlberg

Please tell something about yourself, family and your background in the CG.

I’m Swedish/Australian, I’m married with 2 boys and we live in Malaysia now. I’m completely self-taught in CG, but I had a few years of traditional art school before getting into that.

Making of the Turning Point

New making of article on 3DTotal

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Victor Wong / Steven Calcote Ultraviolet

An interview with the Visual Effects Producer, and Supervisor of Ultraviolet.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Trailer: Ratatouille

New trailer of Disney Pixar Ratatouille

Friday, June 09, 2006

Tutorial: Paint FX Animations

New Maya tutorial by Isidro Fernandez on creating paint effect animations

Thursday, June 08, 2006

XSI 5.11 Available!

Softimage is pleased to announce the availability of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.11.
Visit the Support section for a breakdown of fixes and enhancements, as well as known problems & limitations.

Draw figures in an anime style

Melissa Somerville uses drawing and inking techniques in Photoshop to create an enchanting anime-style fairy…

ATI's FireGL & Autodesk

ATI's FireGL graphics cards have been certified for Autodesk's products

Interview: Alp Altiner

New Artist Interview with Award Winning Visual FX artist Alp Altiner.

The Making of Yuka

Lukasz Szeflinski has posted nice article about his work: Yuka.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Animation: Wake Up

Animation: Wake Up

X-MEN 3: Images

This is a very small portion of some of the conceptual design work I did for the movie. I will be posting more images soon

Trailer: Arthur et les Minimoys

The trailer for the French animated film, Arthur and the Minimoys.


Monkeywrench- In an effort to learn more about brushes and workflow in Painter and Photoshop Eliot Alexander creates a comic.

3d total Model Libraries

3DTotal are pleased to add ' Model Libraries' to our shop. These download only, 3DS Max model kits are ready to drop into your scene!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Interview: Kris Costa

THE123D interviewed the talented Krishnamurti M Costa
Currently a Lead Character Artist at CafeFX, Kris is a
self-taught CG Artist who's highly involved in the CG community
and has been working in the film industry since 2004.
his love of detail and fantasy art
give an amazing quality to his work

Interview: Todd Vaziri and Mission: Impossible III

Todd Vaziri is of course well known around VFX circles since he started the amazing VFXHQ website, the benchmark of VFX websites. His career has spanned Flat Earth Productions, on the Xena: Warrior Princess TV show, Banned From The Ranch, on such projects as Inspector Gadget, Hollow Man and Doctor Dolittle, and Pixel Magic on projects like Driven and Hart's War. He joined ILM to work on Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and has since served as digital and compositing artist on such projects as Hulk, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Van Helsing, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, War of the Worlds and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.