Wednesday, July 19, 2006

YafRay 0.0.9 Released

Blender 2.42 is out and YafRay needed to be updated for working with it. So we have new YafRay release, about a year later of 0.0.8 version. In fact, this is a maintenance release with few (but important) changes. Greatest change is the project manager ;-) because Mathias Wein, a.k.a. Lynx, is at the head of YafRay development. Good luck, Lynx and thank you for getting involved in this insane project!

Here is a 0.0.9 changelog:

* New SAH-kdtree for mesh objects, which is hopefully mature now. Improvements include: Smaller memory footprint, more robust traversal (so holes in meshes should be history), faster ray-scene-intersection (depending on scene) due to new building algorithm (surface area heuristic and triangle clipping, preparing scene can take a bit longer though)
* Image loading code is more careful when trying to load files with unknown extension (crash-fixes)
* Added -p command line option for Linux to specify an alternative plugin path when rendering XML (yafray executable), YafRay also prints used plugin path and number of plugins loaded to console now.
* Changing number of threads with blender plugin now takes effect without restarting blender (blender 2.42 and later only)
* Fixed some minor bugs, code cleanups/updates for newer compilers and build-environments


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